Boston Terrier: The American Gentleman

A True Patriot

Boston TerrierIn contrast to the German born Boxers, Boston Terriers were brought to life on the opposite edge of the Atlantic, adored for their expressive eyes and charming personality, and renowned for their prestigious status as being one of America’s earliest established breeds. This affable character was created by crossing a British Bulldog with an English White Terrier, some where in the 1870s. This produced a male by the name, ‘Hooper’s Judge’, of which all modern Boston Terriers are said to be derived. Further cross breeding with French Bulldogs helped to refine the dog’s appearance and temperament, and the original American Bull Terrier Club was established in 1889.

All in a Name

As this new strain of terrier began to frequent the show world, competitors complained of the similarities between breed names, hence the change of title to the Boston Terrier as a reflection of the dog’s heritage. Less than five years later, the American Kennel Club approved the application to register the breed and the Boston’s popularity continued to rise, with dogs brought across the water to the UK to encourage growth in Europe.

The Roaring Twenties

Along with many other bull breeds, the Boston’s initial purpose was as a pit fighting dog in the lighter divisions, although thankfully their status as a formidable combatant didn’t last long, and today’s specimens are very rarely aggressive. Instead, the breed was established as America’s most popular pet in the 1920s, starring in numerous adverts and becoming Boston University’s official mascot.

The Complete Companion

The Boston Terrier may have lost its position at the top of the canine charts, but its appeal remains strong, particularly as a valued member of the household. Sensitive to its owner’s mood, fun loving, always up for an activity, smart and affectionate, this charismatic pooch simply adores his family and brings joy to every new friend he makes.

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