Boxers and Boston Terriers at Work

War Heroes

The Boxer’s role in the military services is long documented, with forces utilising their hounds to great impact in both World Wars. Not only did the dogs excel at protection and attack, but they also served as messengers, transporting information through muddy, shell shocked terrain under enemy fire. This composure and bravery in testing conditions earned the breed plenty of admiration, bringing the Boxer to the world’s attention and into homes across the globe.

K9 Courage

The breed’s reputation and performance in battle alerted the police forces, with Boxers drafted in as a protective companion for officers in Germany, the United States, and other countries across Europe. Despite their shortened muzzle, the dogs were also used for detecting narcotics and tracking assignments. Whilst the Boxer’s police heyday has well and truly passed, being replaced by the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, some parts of the world are still applying the breed’s strengths for service work, not only in a protective capacity, but also as guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for those suffering mental or physical disabilities. The Boxer’s inherent social nature and affectionate disposition make them a superb choice for working well with their human companions.

Boston Terrier Therapy

Boston TerrierWhilst Boston Terriers may not boast the esteemed working history of their larger cousins, they certainly possess plenty of worthwhile attributes to make a meaningful contribution to society. The breed is renowned for its friendliness to strangers, adorable expression, and calming energy, meaning they are the perfect dog for therapy work, particularly for visiting the elderly or infirm in hospitals, residential homes, and other establishments that do not allow pets. Their compact size also helps, and their natural sensitivity adds to their appeal as an assistance dog, with many Boston Terriers currently out in the field working and achieving their full potential.

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