Choosing the Perfect Dog for You

Puppy Pros

PuppyBoxers and Boston Terriers start out life as adorable little bundles of joy, with one of the greatest appeals of puppies being the obvious cute factor. Aside from aesthetics, selecting a younger dog will aid in shaping your pet’s behaviour and temperament, allowing you to instil any necessary rules and expectations from an early age. If you do have your heart set on a puppy, make sure you visit a reputable breeder who can offer documentation showing its health checks. Also, ask to see the parents, both if possible, and request references from previous buyers.

Puppy Cons

Puppies require bags of love and attention. Not only do you have to nurture a safe and stable environment in which your pup can grow and learn, you also have to deal with housetraining, teething and chewing. Many new owners are oblivious to the amount of time and effort it actually takes to rear a young canine. You may also want to consider the costs when making a decision, with Boxer pups averaging around £600, and Boston Terriers even more expensive at £800 a pup.

Adult Pros

The gift of giving an older dog a second chance is one of the most rewarding things an animal lover can offer. Many adult dogs, particularly those above the age of five, are sadly overlooked at rescue shelters. The majority of senior dogs are already housetrained, they are often calmer and less energetic, and they make instant companions. There are numerous explanations as to why a pet ends up abandoned, with such reasons as the death of an owner, a new job, or moving location, far more likely than simply an inability to control a ‘problem dog.’

Adult Cons

It is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, although that imprint of rearing an animal from birth is missing when you bring a senior companion into your home. It may also be difficult to find Boxers and especially Boston Terriers at rescue shelters, so it’s a good idea to contact re-homing centres to ask them about your preferred breed.

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