Crazy about Boxers and Boston Terriers

Boxers and Boston TerriersDog lovers the world over recognise the joy that bull breeds, such as the Boxer and the Boston Terrier, can bring. They are renowned for their loveable and affectionate nature, profound loyalty, and somewhat goofy character. This website unites fans of the two breeds by discussing all manner of owning these adorable rogues, and offers tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect human canine relationship.

  • Origins: The histories of both the Boxer and the Boston Terrier will be explored to give an insight into understanding the traits and characteristics of today’s specimens.
  • Service Roles: Aside from being wonderful pets, this article looks at the breeds’ roles within the working field, particularly in the case of the Boxer, who is regarded as the original police service companion.
  • Family: Being a beloved member of the family is where these canines truly excel, although it is important to teach every member of the household, especially children, the ins and outs of being a respected pack leader.
  • Training and Exercise: Sufficient and varied exercise, plus a dedicated training regime are imperative in ensuring your dog is as healthy and as happy as can be.
  • Healthcare, Grooming and Diet: Whilst neither the Boxer nor the Boston Terrier require excessive grooming or have particular dietary needs, both breeds do experience genetic health issues that potential owners need to be aware of.
  • Choosing the Perfect Fit: The pros and cons of puppies versus adult dogs is the main emphasis of this article. It also provides guidance on how to select a young pup from a reputable breeder.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: This concluding topic focuses on activities to enjoy for keeping both you and your dog fit and content. It includes family trips to the beach, and joining agility clubs and obedience classes.

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