Fun things to do with your dog

Fun things to do with your dogMaintaining a healthy and happy relationship between you and your canine takes more than a quick saunter around the neighbourhood, or throwing the same old stick in the back garden. The following suggestions offer fun and exciting ways to keep both your companion and yourself fit and entertained.

  • Swimming – All breeds, from Boston Terriers to Boxers, enjoy swimming. It’s a rewarding exercise that doesn’t put any pressure on limbs, which is great for dogs suffering from arthritis. If the nearest lake, sea or stream gets too cold, check out local hydrotherapy pools specifically tailored to pets for a fun activity to enjoy together.
  • Agility/Flyball – With their bundles of energy, Boxers and even Boston Terriers, can pull their weight in agility or flyball competitions. Not only will you create a deeper bond between you and your companion, you will also improve your dog’s mental and physical ability. Before you begin, make sure your pet is familiar with the basic commands, and don’t start such vigorous training until your pup has reached maturity.
  • Tracking – Indulge your Boxer’s primal instincts, and set up a game of hide and seek in the garden or your local park. Even a Boston Terrier is bound to relish putting his scent skills to the test, with several clubs around the UK and the US promoting this newest dog training activity involving nosework.
  • Frisbee – Simple yet effective. This much more rousing version of fetch never fails to please your pooch, with numerous disc dog competitions across the globe available for handlers who want to take their frisbee expertise to the next level.
  • Cycling – Depending on your location, cycling alongside your dog can have wonderful benefits, allowing you to spend your Boxer or Boston Terrier’s energy in half the time of walking.
  • Road Trips – Thinking of going camping or enjoying a break from home? Why not plan ahead by choosing dog friendly accommodation, and taking your canine buddy with you. After all, what dog doesn’t enjoy spending every moment possible with his human friend, and of course, hanging his head out of the car window?

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