Giving your dog a name

When you’ve finally came up to a decision on adopting or buying a dog, it’s a perfect time to choose a name for it. After all, it’s you who will be the one using it at least several times a day so you better pick one you really like.

Cool names for dogs

What would you go for then? Should it be a cool name like a name of a gun – Colt or Beretta? Perhaps a name after a cool car brand or model like Lexus or Corolla? Maybe you would rather go for something short and simple like Aro or Boo? There are practically no limits when it comes to inventing a name for a dog. Some owners even name them with regular people names and we think there is nothing wrong about that as well.

Proud dog owners

Some people take a lot of pride in owning a dog and they really go through a lot of effort to show that. Apart from grooming them and even dressing in fancy clothing they usually start from a name that sounds as sophisticated as possible, sometimes almost royal. We’ve seen numerous King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Princess Diana or Queen Victoria. Is it a good idea to push it that far though?

Funny dog names

Another broad group of happy dog owners often chooses names that just sound funny. Your dog’s cheerful name may sometimes even be a good conversation starter. Of course, try to keep it in a good taste as we’ve seen some cases when people went truly overboard calling their dogs a Fart, a Poop or a Nipple.

Made up dog names

How about making up a completely new word? Do you have enough imagination to pull it off? Some people really do and the names they come up with makes you think what else can they invent. There is a fair share of Bumfuzzles, Collywobbles, Fopdoodles and Mollycoddles out there. Do you think they are happy with their names?


What about the most popular dog name out there? Is there one that stands out from the crowd? A name that it both short and easy to remember, as well as suitable for a dog of any breed? We think there is such a name and that’s Bingo! Isn’t it just perfect? Cheerful, energetic and known by everyone. If you like it and you also like playing bingo we suggest you check out this great website where you can play online bingo while accompanied by an adorable Dalmatian.