Healthcare for Boxers and Boston Terriers

Healthcare for Boxers and Boston TerriersIt is a well-known fact, that inbreeding of pure bred animals has caused significant problems for today’s dogs. Choosing a puppy from a reputable breeder who can show you all the necessary health checks, can go a long way in ensuring your canine gets off to the best start. Never buy a Boxer or a Boston Terrier, or any breed for that matter, from a pet shop or a puppy farm.


  • Skin Problems. Boxers can be prone to acne, which needs to be treated early on to escape serious infections. White specimens are more prone to deafness than their brown or brindle siblings, and sun burn easily.
  • Bloating. This is a common problem with the breed, and can be fatal. It’s important to know the signs and avoid exercising your dog directly after or before eating.
  • Cancer. This is the number one health issue for Boxers. So make sure you keep an eye on your dog’s health, and discuss any changes in appearance or temperament with your vet. Read more about Boxer healthcare here.

Boston Terriers

  • Respiratory Issues. Like Boxers, the Boston Terrier is a brachycephalic breed, meaning he has a shorter skull and muzzle, which can result in flattened or undersized breathing passages. Never smoke around him, and limit his outdoor activity during especially hot and humid periods.
  • Cataracts and corneal ulcers. This breed’s large, expressive eyes, are prone to conditions that can usually be treated when detected early. Read more about Boston Terrier care here.

Grooming and Diet

Both the Boxer and the Boston Terrier require very little attention when it comes to grooming, each displaying a short coat that will benefit from a weekly brush. Remember to spend time cleaning your dog’s teeth, trimming their nails and checking for ticks and fleas, particularly during warmer weather, in order to maintain a healthy balance. Both breeds are prone to overeating, which needs to be kept in check to prevent obesity and bloating. Organic dog food, or better still, meals made fresh at home, are recommended for ensuring your companion enjoys the full benefits of a nutritious diet.

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