Keeping Your Dog Trim and Trained

Bouncing Boxers

Keeping Your Dog Trim and TrainedThis boisterous breed is renowned for its boundless energy, the perfect example being the image of a Boxer bouncing on its hind legs when excitable. It’s important that potential owners understand the levels of exercise and commitment these active dogs require, with a minimum of one hour’s walk recommended every day. Two outings, preferably one in the morning, and one in the evening, will further cement your bond and prevent your pet from becoming overweight or destructive.

Despite its often clownish character, the Boxer is a highly intelligent and somewhat strong willed animal, making a dedicated training programme essential for shaping a well-mannered companion. One of the most difficult aspects of dog training is assuming a pack leader role, as humans tend to project their own emotions onto their pet. Your Boxer will respect you much more if he knows you’re in command and understands exactly what is expected of him. Consider joining puppy classes to help socialise your young dog and learn the basics, and continue this process into adulthood by realising your Boxer’s full potential through agility and flyball competitions.

Sprightly Bostons

Despite their small stature, Boston Terriers combine a muscular physique with a lively character, and are just as happy chasing a frisbee as curling up on your lap. As with any breed, daily walks are essential to maintain a close connection between you and your pet, and to keep your dog socialised. The Boston Terrier does not require lengthy outings; however he does demand some expenditure of his energy, which can be curbed by playing games in the house or garden.

The breed’s often wilful Bulldog temperament can make him a bit stubborn, although dedicated trainers will enjoy his smart character and eagerness to please. Socialising at a young age can prevent any territorial behaviour that some Boston Terrier’s display to other males. This affectionate pet makes friends easily, and is considered a fantastic companion for the elderly or families with children.

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