Welcoming Boxers and Boston Terriers Home

Boxers and Boston TerriersDespite their differences in history, size and personality, one thing these two breeds absolutely share is a genuine love for their family. Both Boxers and Boston Terriers make incredibly good pets, combining a gentle and loving nature with a thirst for fun and affection. The secret to a content canine household is establishing your role as the pack leader, with the following tips offering a guide to achieving this and ensuring a perfectly balanced relationship between you and your dog.

Determine Boundaries

From the moment your young pup enters the home, make sure you set limits and stick to them. Introduce rooms gradually, allowing the dog to understand that she is entering your territory, and establish certain areas that are off limits. Routine and consistency when it comes to rules are paramount, which create a stability your puppy will welcome.

Meeting the Kids

Children should be encouraged to view themselves as pack leaders, and treat their new companion with patience and respect. Try to avoid lavishing too much attention at first on the puppy, which is especially difficult with such cute breeds as the Boxer and Boston Terrier, and strive to project a calm assertive energy at all times. Boost relationships between your dog and kids by including everyone in activities such as training and exercise.

Stay Strong!

It is inevitable that an exuberant pup or even an anxious rescue dog, will test your patience at some point, which is part and parcel of founding a healthy relationship. The key is to stay consistent, keep cool, and always avoid becoming angry. Implement positive reinforcement by rewarding your pet for good behaviour. Both Boxers and Boston Terriers respond well to food treats and the incentive of partaking in their favourite game, such as fetching a frisbee or playing tug of war. Similarly, their affectionate temperament and eagerness to please often makes a cuddle from their owner plenty reward enough.

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